Trent Clark, Builder

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Trent likes building jobs that are a bit… out of the ordinary. He enjoys having a project that requires him to think a bit.

So, when Passivhaus came his way, Trent knew he’d found his calling.

Originally, Trent had planned to become a structural engineer as he’d always loved building things with his hands. But he soon realised that he couldn’t bear the thought of sitting in an office all day. As a director in his own building company that he runs with his brother Garrett, Trent has hit his sweet spot.

Why passive house?

Trent prefers building with passive house methodologies because, “It’s simple and smart. It’s superbly engineered and extremely precise, and that appeals to my structural engineering side.”

Trent loves a calculated project. “Historically, you’d have a project and the architect would say to put in type X insulation to keep the house warm. There was no way of testing it to see how effective it was or how much would be required to achieve a specific internal temperature.

With a passive house, I can hand over a product that I’ve tested and I can guarantee will hold up – it does what it says it will do. The maths and engineering of a passive house really appeal to me. It actually annoys me now to build any other way.”

Making it happen, whatever the cost

Trent is driven by perfection. He’d rather lose money on a project than not do a good job. He sees it has his responsibility to make his clients’ dreams happen. It’s important to him that the end product be just right. It’s critical that the job be of excellent quality, no matter what the cost.

“If, on occasion, we lose out financially, in order to provide what we said we’d provide, we can live with that. We’d rather lose out than not deliver on our promise. We are very fortunate to genuinely love what we do.”

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