PurePassiv first GreenStar Home in Australia

PurePassiv became the first certified Passive House Premium project in NSW.

The Premium certification is achieved through a combination of a further reduction in energy use beyond the Passive House Classic standard as well as the production of renewable energy on site. Asquith has blown these numbers out of the water, using only 60% of the energy allowed while producing 45% more renewable energy than required; not even close!

The home is now the first to be certified under the GreenStar Homes program. This goes beyond energy and health with criteria around water and resilience issues too.  We were part of the GBCA Pilot Program, our focus being to smooth the process for future passivhaus projects.

A big thanks to our client Chris and PH Certifier Clare Parry for kicking off the GreenStar Homes process and to our colleagues at HipvHype for their efforts throughout that process; it takes a team!

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