Icebox Challenge Sydney

We are very proud to sponsoring the Icebox Challenge for its first Sydney outing. Having been intimately involved in its Melbourne cousin a few years ago, we are deeply appreciative to APHA for putting the event on (along with the other sponsors for bankrolling it); it is a Herculean task.

The event is a tactile demonstration of the benefits of well sealed, appropriately insulated buildings even in a ‘Goldilocks climate.

Two boxes are constructed, one to the passive house standard and the other to local minimum building code, a 917kg ice cube is placed in each one and we sit back and watch. While some may liken this to watching paint dry, or grass grow, we think it beautifully illustrates the simple elegance of passivhaus; control over your indoor environment.



The boxes are located in Martin Place in the Sydney CBD from February 21 to March 4. We’ll be there from 8-12 on Thursday 3 March if you want to stop by for a chat. Alternatively, you can check out the progress online here.

This is how they are looking after the first 7 days……

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