The Sustainable Building Alliance

Passivhaus Design & Construct have become very proud sponsors of The Sustainable Builders Alliance.

The SBA has arisen from the Builders Declare movement that declared a climate emergency. This alliance is an independent collective of builders who care and go good, it seeks to accelerate the changes that are underway through working together.

This approach resonates strongly with the PhDC team as it is the cornerstone of how we all come together too. While we have had our successes since forming, we would always need more people working towards the same broad goals if we are to create the change we need in design, construction and the real world; The SBA is that!

The group will continue to produce content in the form of guides for builders as well as their webinars. Directors Andy and Talina were guest speakers earlier this year, talking about the Little Pot of Gold project. The recording of that can be found here.

They are also producing a podcast, a full list of the back catalogue is here.

We are hopeful that our contribution helps in the group delivering on their goals of transforming industry; we are certainly doing all we can to make that happen!